Well I cant wait for tonight actually as its one of the big games that I actually get to see from the beginning. Build Up and all. I dont have to Work and rush home and miss most of the game being stuck in traffic. I feel a bit confident actually and predict a 2-0 victory to Italy. Shevchenko will still be a threat but we have the class of Cannavaro , Zambrotta , Gatusso etc. But these are the types of games that guys like Shevchenko wait their whole life for so we still have to be a bit weary.

The mood as Cannavaro said in the press conference is full of team spirit and apart from Pesotto’s accident the lads are strong.

I think Lippi will opt fot Buffon, Zambrotta, Grosso, Cannavaro, Barzaghli, Gatusso, Perotta, Camoronesi, Totti, Toni, Gilardinho.

Big nite and I will be at home for sure finally.

Forza Azurri
After this theres one more hurdle. Heres some pics from the Italy training Camp


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