Swoosh0018 at the Qawali. Look many guys are big no doubt. Recently I attended a Qawaali for the first time and was being educated by the Die hard toppies. It was an experience. Then one uncle told Bhaai ” You want to know what love is . Listen to this “Dul he Ka Sehra” . After that I realised look Richard Clyderman, Neil Diamond and Richard Marx are all beeg. No doubt. But Nusrat Fat Ali Khan is a bozza

Whats your take on a Solid Qawaals. I know one Uncle told Bhaai If you understand what the words mean you will be taken a way. Then I realised the way Surge and Dizzy spun at double trouble…..They took the owes. Same concept here

It was a light Qawali with aunties jiving to some bollywood qawalee tunes when one of the uncles stood up and said “WE WANT QAWALEE” QAWALEE”. After that the timers were rolling, rolling their fists and hands. Then the Qawalee man played Moeenudeeen and the Timers started going mad. Everytime He broke out in chorus the timers rolled their eyes and were screaming moinudeeeennnnnnnnnnnnn. What a thing. What an experience



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