Poyet spurs his troops as Kenny looks on

Andy Carrol finally scored as Liverpool thumped Brighton -1. Carrol scored a sublime 3rd after good work from Downing. The Big man fell far too often on the first half. I watched the game with three Liverpool purists, Jack,Shazo and Mike. The okes were passionate when Lua Lua scored a stunning free kick for Brighton to equalise. I thought here we go again and FA Cup pulls surprises. I did however tell the lads that vivtory was inevitable. And we routed them. Suarez got onto the score sheet after missing an earlier penalty and it was vital for him to net in open play.  Brighton were plagued by own goals. I thought Liverpool woke up well in the second half. I was particularly impressed by Enrique at Full Back. Carrol funny enough gained some confidence when he set up Suarez after good work from Enrique on the left. Its Stoke at Anfield now and somehow the prospect of an FA Cup final look strong.

Earlier on Chelsea were lucky as Sturidge saved AVB with an equaliser against Birmingham. Chelsea are in shambles and you can just see that AVB will be on his way out in due time.They were lucky to get a point.

Arsenals woes continued and as usual they start the year with a bang and then fade away. They were soundly beaten by Martin O Neils Sunderland and there goes Wengers hopes of any Silverware this season. Arsenal were poor an Im sure the purists like Moosa Areff and Jive Bhamjee must be hissing and cussing. I always told them. The Darool Uloom is not for madressah laaities.

Everton won and Spurs drew. But for now Wembley is becoming a stark reality for us boys firm the KOP


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