The El Classico took place this weekend when there was plenty football. All results went the wa of Big guns and the showdown on Saturday Night was top class. Perhaps not the greatest of games but You just simply have to sit back and marvel at the Barcelona Machine. The way they pass the ball and control possession. Madrid who are the better team this year had no answer. I open the El Classico to comments



  1. Mohamed Feroz
    You should ask who’s bigger Barcelona or Real ? Scoreline says it all ‘pass ;move ;score ….like a hot knife through butter …..

  2. Thirusha Pather
    ?2 answer that question u need 2 take away the barca factor messi is made 2 look worlds apart cos of da supporting players 4 argentina he is plain down $*** remember da germany game; if mr penalthino played 4 barca he would shine just as bright only thing he has neva stepped up 2 da big 1’s even in eng

  3. ‘Hoosein’ Moolla
    In every match Messi plays he dominates. After Madrid scored in the 1st minute Messi carried his team, picking up the ball deep in his half and making senational solo runs, one which he forced a save from Casillas and another which set up Sanchez’s goal. In the 2nd half Messi paired up with Alves to help create Fabregas’ header which took the game away. In every Barca attack Messi is the key and central playmaker or finisher. As Guardiola says: “the difference is that we have Lionel Messi” not Messi having others around him.

    What makes a player GREAT is his ability to produce when his team needs it most and when it is least expected. Messi did that after Barca were put on the backfoot from the 1st minute. The real question is where was Ronaldo? Penaltinho is big, but Messi is his BOZZAH!

  4. Thirusha Pather
    Commented without watching da game; just saw da highlights, penalthino missed 2 critical chances & that leaves him far behind the messIah of football but my big question is y does he not perform 4 argentina…ave players surrounding him has 2 b 1 of the answers food 4 thought take him out of barca & have him come play 4 city what would u get?

  5. Naseem Mayet
    I think being greAt constitutes taking the game away by the scruff off the neck. Messi was sublime. Guys like maradee,baggio, zidane had this ability. Last nite penaltinho was woeful,he just can’t perform in a classico, messi def can. Its about coming up massive wen needed for club an country,
    Maradona was asked recently what does he think of messi, he replied “he reminds me a lot of myself

  6. Thirusha Pather ?
    @ nas granted had the same problem with cristiano when he was @ utd very much on da periphery 4 the big 1’s; all the previous big names funny teeth ronaldo, zidane, maradona, pele changed games on their heads; if messi was so good he would have changed even a 3 goal deficit against germany & yet his team mates 4rm spain were able 2 show germany that u won’t bully us.

  7. ‘Hoosein’ Moolla ?
    @Therusha: Messi is not God, just a great soccer player. Countless times Pele, Maradonna and even Zidane have not been able to change a 3 goal deficit. I say give it time. He will shine internationally, it is inevitable.

  8. Naseem Mayet
    ?@ soni, more often in big games its referees that. Determine the outcome, yes I agree he should have seen red, madrid were pacy on the counter but as game progressed you gotta marvel at barca, they don’t make u play

  9. Sadek Dhorat
    Barcelona play the game the way it suppose to be played…a joy to watch..almost all the players do whats required allowing messi to show his fantastic ability…a brilliant team with brilliant players…extremely well coached….yes messi shudve seen red against madrid but is that th only way madrid can outclass them….messi definitely escaped red but made sure he left the whole of madrid red faced…


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