Firstly If you were John Terry and this was your Best Friend and neighbours girlfriend would you deploy Bailoh tactics and f34k around with your best friends girlffriend.
When temptation and hormones beat your social responsibilities and your ethics and your duty as a friend to special people and to others….
What makes a man cheat, is it the challenge, Is it the forbidden fruit.Is that why Adam ate the apple.

What kind of a Punani makes a man run, leave his lazy boy and his cup of cher (tea) and Run. Is there a type of Punani that will make a man so blind that he forgets his friends, he doesnt attend dawaats (functions).
What type of a Punani makes a man that never wore 501s wear 501’s. What type of Punani makes a man that never eat sea food start eating Tiger Prawns.What makes a man go so deep that he becomes a puppet of the Punani. If the Punani says Left he goes left, If it says eat Prawns he eats, If it says I dont like House Music, He dont like house Music. If it says dont speak to your friends than you dont. Is Love like a great thing and POP syndrome like a cancer or bemaar (sickness) that affects this man
Is it Love.What is Love………………Or is love or true love synonymous to POP syndrome. I dunno.Comments please

What im saying is,If you were Jhon Terry would you put Nafs aside and have an affair with this woman in the picture or would you abastain because he was your Best Friend?


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