MUGG OF THE WEEK-Christiano Ronaldo


Firstly owes Have a look at the Competition above for Valentines Day. Hence I made the blog Red….I own Underwear so I will give Lingerie HA!!!.


Also I wanna apologise for the comments that have not been published this week as our ADSL was down and things are a mess. Anyway we go to our MUGG of the Week. Always difficult. I appreciate suggestions to my email guys. So I dont know. Must it be Rafa Benitez, Arsene, Ferguson. This one is going to be a bit of a shocker but I have my reasons. First of all number one ,The man is gone DIK KOP.2.He got Rooney Sent off and number 3. He F#$ken Dives always. Now he wants to go to Barcelona. Like I said in Breaking News and I will repeat myself. If I Joll Liz Hurly then I want Pam Anderson when Im Dik Kop . I hate Man Utd but the lad will be a loss. Secondly When Rooney kicked Carvalho. I admit it was wrong but What Business did the Lity have to Sprint and speak to the Ref. And lastly he is always lambasted for Diving and making other teams furious. I always admired the Lity’s talents but for his Attributes above and changing the course of the Spurs Game he deserves the MUGG of The Week. Also he was jeered at the Emirates yesterday and Scolari took him off against Brazil. I know this will invoke mixed reactions . But Christiano Ronaldo is the MUGG OF THE WEEK,And he is from Man Utd. My reasons enhance his DIK KOP status. And Biggy and all you Muggs can kiss…..I know Azee and Hoosain as well as Seth will have some big things to say. But f$%K you owes This time this Lity needs to pay for his sins. Maybe he should play against a guy like Gatusso or Italy’s hard man back in the day Claudio Gentile or maybe Steve Mcmahon or Vinny Jones.They will teach the MUGG never to dive again. Hey Azee do you remember a Vinny Samways.


  1. He is dik kop and has every right to be. His in the form of his life and wanted by two of europes biggest clubs. Yes he dives, makes kak with opposing fans but his not the only player in the prem to dive. They all do it. Every player does it. On the other hand his doing a great job for us and has been a huge reason for our success. Swoosh when Juve table a 40mil pound bid for him are you still gonna hate him. You guys just hate him cos he plays for us. I have a feeling his gonna leave in the summer but he should remeber that fergie made him what he his.

  2. i totally disagree with your mugg of the week. your reasoning make no sense
    1-dik kop, every footballer has a dik kop,
    2-He didnt rooney sent off, rooney skopped that owe in his nuts, he deserved a Red card
    3- he doesnt dive, he just falls easily, if u get breeked the amount he does you tend to fall if you get a slight touch. its self presevation.

    @man utd we know we doing well when ppl hate us, so bring on the hatin, its just brings out the best in us!

  3. The ony reason you like him is because he plays for united. Call a spade a spade. Fergie didnt make him, he was made by the national swimming team coach( high dive division). Great players dont dive like lil girls. This Mugg is a diver of note. And biggy please grow up…. that comment about everyone in the league is doing is so immature. Im sure someone has told you : if all your friends jump off a cliff, would you??????

    anyone but ronaldo

  4. the lad is the player of the season in england! he can afford to be dik kop. as for his diving, swoosh everyone does it! its the way the game is going! drog, TT,the whole lot do it so why single him out?

    wasn’t vinny samways at Spurs?

  5. kak….diver my A$$. Diving is a talent in itself. The guy is up for player of the year in England.
    I would have personally put the entire Chelski team as MUGGS of the week as they are scraping through.

  6. ABR. You grow up Biatch. I’ll say my say. I like him cos he plays for united and cos his good to watch. His got it going for himself. I don’t know how you can compare this to jumping off a cliff. Prof footballers do what ever it takes to win. Doesn’t make it right, but it happens. Why does everyone single him out. Also his not great, his good but not great. While on the topic of Great, the likes of Maradona used his hand to score a goal. Thats the same as diving, its taking an unfair advantage. So get your facts in order you retard. Does anyone else think my comment was immature?

  7. stevie G dived in the champions league final against milan for the penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    watch the replay and check it out!!!
    its never even been mentioned coz these f%#@en english bastards cover it up from you their darling fans!! F*&@ england!!!! up the porrraaaasssss!!!!!!!

  8. looks like he’s jolling whoopi goldbergs sister!!!! LOL!!!
    talk about diving, lets hope his not m##f diving this ugly bitch!!!

  9. Naseem your f!_!cken integrity is down the drain. Are you bored? Do you have nothing to write about? your mugg of the week should be the trio of liverpool strikers who couldnt find the net once in the derby. You loosing it. you need some fresh material


  11. Ronaldo has been in sublime form and has carried us to the brink of the title.
    I’m not a fan of diving but the way the game is going it’s here to stay. The authorities have to have harsher punishments for those guilty.
    The Rooney sending off had nothing to do with him. Shrek was being an Ogre and deserved what he got.

    The problem the laaitie is causing is he’ll develop a reputation like Johnson and Robben and genuine fouls will go unpunished based on his reputation.

  12. You see there you MUGGS go off on a tangent. Im not saying teh lad is shite. hell If he was playing for Juve I would have been thrilled. by the way Juve are the third richest club in the World ahead of Man utd….

    But he is gone DIK KOP.Come on you Old trafford faithfulls. He will definately move to barcelona come End of the season.

    yes Azee , Everybody dives, But this dive swung the pendulam of the game.

    How many times did the Mugg Lity look for it in the semi against France at the WORLD CUP. Because he gets away with it you MUGGS are upset.

    If ever there was a Diver it was Klinsman that revolutionised the Industry

  13. As the quote of the week once said.

    “Maybe Ronaldo likes his Women like his Coffee,BLACK and STRONG”

    The Quwatul Saatie

  14. Nohting immature bout the comments BIGGY. F%ck these guys. Thay have nothing constructive to say and i do think its just a case of wishing Ronaldo played for their team


  15. Biggy biggy biggy…. you acting like a lil child that needs to throw his toys out of the cot. May I paint you a lil picture cos you certainly dont seem to understand the words typed here. Soccer is supposed to be the beautiful game but idiots like Ronaldo ruin it with the diving antics. fair enough it happens. but it damages the spirit of the game. Great players dont need to dive…. they headbutt


  16. Strokes

    Your bias is blatant, i don’t recall you blasting Grosso for his dive against the Aussies. You had every excuse lined up justifying the penalty. If ever there was a dive that changed the complexion of a game and a tournament that was it. At least we got the balls to admit the laaitie dives.

    Klinsmann was master at it because he played so long in Serie A against those girl defenders who kept feeling him up, holding his hand and grabbng his a** every time he was in the box. The man found a way to punish those b*stards for their cheating.


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