All About the Mail and Guardian Cycling Team,The Launch of the new Jersey and all from the Argus Cycle Challenge in pics



Swoosh0018: Welcome Mail and Guardian Cycling,Suhail tell us more.?

M&g: M&G Cycling is a group of cyclists that come together as a result of cyclists looking for a base from where rides could commence.

This is a  cycling club based in Killarney that serves the community in the area as well as neigbouring suburbs.

M&G Cycling has since grown into a home for cyclists of all levels and we welcome anyone who wants to get into cycling to join us


How important is it to have a sponsor like M&G ?A sponsor like the M&G gives an informal set up like ours an air of professionalism and identity. People know the brand and understand that the brand associates itselfwith values such as honesty, integrity and mutual respect and these are values we would like all our members to subscribe to.

How has M&G Cycling grown and what are the future plans? The group has grown from a handful of cyclists to a large group comparable tosome of the more established clubs around the country. The plans are to encourage more people to take up the sport and to continue riding as a unit.Outside of cycling, we also enjoy one or two social events during the year which are events not to be missed and I guess the cycling Is a means of bringing people together for the social aspect and community building. In the MG cyclinggroup we have seen old friends and family really come close together and watching this transformation take place is hugely gratifying.

You are leading cyclists with plenty experience, why would you encourage new members to join M&G? As mentioned earlier, cycling is secondary in the goal of community building and social interaction, so new members are always encouraged to get onto a bike and join the group.

Irrespective of the level of experience, we understand that we all started at the back at some point and it’s something that we never forget as new people join the peloton.

See the picture Gallery of M&G and other cyclists in action during the Argus Cycle Challenge

Some of the Highlights worth Mentioning include

So amongst all the social interactions, we do in fact train very hard and it is noteworthy to see that 90% of the Argus participants that rode in M&G colours completed the race in under 4 hours, and alarge group under 3:30. We had debutants that completed the race in sub 4:30 and special mention must be made to our 10 year old Tarik Fakroodeen

Tarik Fakroodeen


and 12 year old Raeesa Hassen  that completed the race on their first attempt.

Raeesa Hassen with her dad Husein

The Argus also saw people from all walks of life, and levels of fitness do personal best times and in fact I think that most of the guys that rode achieved personal best times in MG colours this year.

Other notable achievements incide Ismail Mitha, Zaid Surtee and Luqman Mota who tackled the Cape Rouleur completing a grueling 700km in 4 days and also completing the argus thereafter. Brilliant effort. 

From Right, Zaid Surtee,Ismail Mitha and Luqman Mota

From Right, Zaid Surtee,Ismail Mitha and Luqman Mota

Also in action was my other team members my Mountain Bike Crew Ahmed Ismail and Sons. They also had a superb race


Before the Race the I was invited to and attended the Launch of the New Jersey that All M&G riders will wear . The Launch took place at Adega Fordsburg and well Shahid never disappoints

Shahid Osmany unveils the Jersey
Shahid Osmany unveils the Jersey
The Ne M&G jersey worn by Mohammed Baroochi,Nazeer Saley and Mohamed "Cappy" Kaka
The Ne M&G jersey worn by Mohammed Baroochi,Nazeer Saley and Mohamed “Cappy” Kaka


The Lads Feast,including Iron Man Mohamed Motala
The Lads Feast,including Iron Man Mohamed Motala


and of course Argus isnt Argus without Authentic Cape Koeksisters
and of course Argus isnt Argus without Authentic Cape Koeksisters

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