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Date Posted: Friday 7 November 2008.

19 months to go to the 19th FIFA World Cup. A good time to start the WOZA SA 2010 World Cup Fever. This post will host a number of articles on a weekly basis leading up to Friday June 11 2010 the Kick Off. Today’s Article will feature the first of our World Cup Review posts being the first ever FIFA World Cup: Uruguay 1930.


The first ever FIFA World Cup to take place.

No teams ever qualified for this world cup. All nations were invited to participate in the first ever FIFA World Cup. Travelling across the world over the sea on boat was quite a long journey and many of the Top European teams invited did not attend. Therefore out of the 13 teams that took part in this World Cup, 7 were South Americans, 2 North Americans and only 4 were Europeans and not the best of the Europeans either. No Italy, No Germany, England, Netherlands (Big Names at the time).

Group A
Argentina, Chile, Mexico & France. France won the joint first game of a FIFA World Cup 4-1 against Mexico and Lucien Laurent of France scored the First Ever FIFA World Cup goal. Argentina beat France 1-0 and Mexico 6-3 with Argentina’s Guillarmo Stabile, Argentina’s star of the tournament scored a Hatrick against Mexico. The match between Argentina and Mexico ended 6-3 and was refereed by the Bolivian Coach Ulises Saucedo who awarded the first ever penalty to Mexico and Rosas had the honour of taking and converting it. In Argentina’s 1-0 victory over France the referee Rego Almeida (Brazilian) blew the final whistle 6 minutes before time and only after protests from the French team was the match completed. Chile beat Mexico 3-0 and France 1-0 making the last game of the group the decider. Argentina beat Chile 3-1 and qualified for the semi-finals with Stabile again scoring twice. Stabile did not feature against France as he was originally a substitute.

Group B
Yugoslavia, Brazil & Bolivia. Yugoslavia beat Brazil 2-1 in the first game and both Yugoslavia & Brazil beat Bolivia 4-0. Yugoslavia therefore qualified for the semi-finals thanks to their opening victory against Brazil. In the Brazil vs Bolivia match both teams wore the same colour kits in the 1st half causing massive confusion. Bolivia changed their colours in the 2nd half.

Group C
Uruguay, Peru & Romania. Uruguay were undoubtedly the favourites for the group, and for the World Cup due to them being the Hosts and Current Olympic Games Champions. Uruguay did not disappoint and won both their games without conceding by beating Peru 1-0 and Romania 4-0. In the first game of the group Romania beat Peru 3-1 and Peru’s Placido Galindo was the first ever person to get dismissed in a World Cup Game. He was also the only Red Card of the tournament.

Group D
United States, Belgium & Paraguay. United States won the joint first two games of the World Cup 3-0 each against Belgium. USA then beat Paraguay 3-0 with Bert Patenaude scoring the first ever World Cup hatrick. In the final game Paraguay beat Belgium 1-0.

Both Argentina & Uruguay won the semi-finals 6-1. Stabile scored 2 for Argentina against USA and Cea of Uruguay scored the 3rd Hatrick of the tournament in the other semi against Yugoslavia.


Uruguay 4 Argentina 2
Well both Uruguay & Argentina had won all their games they played. These two participants were also the finalist of the 1928 Olympics which Uruguay won. The final took place at the very impressive Estadio Centenario in Montevideo (Photo Below) constructed for the World Cup and to represent Uruguay’s 100 years of independence. The stadium was sold out for the final which had an attendance of 93 000+.

The final saw Uruguay take the lead through Dorado in the 12th minute. 8 minutes later Argentina equalized and in the 37th minutes Argentina took the lead through their prolific striker Stabile who became the tournaments leading goal scorer with 8 goals. However Uruguay would not be denied victory at their own home ground and Cea equalized. Then Santos Iriarte scored the winner for Uruguay and the 1-Armed yes the 1-Armed Castro scored the final goal of the match (Photo Below).

Uruguay (Team Picture Below) became the first Champions of the FIFA World cup AND Montevideo was a CARNIVAL.


The only living player today who actually played in the 1930 World Cup final is Argentina’s Francisco Varallo (Photo Below). Check out FIFA.com’s interview with him on this link.


In the final there was a major argument over which ball should be used Argentina’s match ball or Uruguay’s match ball. It is believed that the Argentine Ball was used in the 1st half and the Uruguayan ball was used in the 2nd half. The result of the 1st half was Argentina 2-1 Uruguay 1 and the 2nd half was Uruguay 3 Argentina 0. It is rumoured that the common football phrase “A Game of Two Halves” originated from this game.

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