I mean for f@&$/ sakes. Any Comments,Liverpool 3 Sevilla 3


I mean for f@&$/ sakes. Any Comments



  1. Hendo must be sold & gone ! Moreno stuffed up on that penalty & could have defended better ! Overall the entire team went on the back foot second half ! Even Mane was looking for fouls ! Good game for the neutral ! & I’ll take the draw for now ! But we have got to learn from this starting @ Chelsea !

  2. I felt we got 2 lucky breaks to go 2 0 up and it was easy to get more cause Sevilla were pushing men up, but for some reason after the break Lpool played with fear and caution. Make no mistake this Sevilla side at home are an awesome outfit and showed how much better they are technically. Lpool are devoid of leaders. We probably have the worst captain in the clubs history and its too easy for teams to put us under the cosh because theres no one taking control.


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