CONFEDS CUP RUSSIA 2017. Round 1 Wrap

Its always exciting when a footie tourney gets underway. I feel the Confeds Cup is now gaining the status as a high profile tourney should. The hosts kicked off the tournament after the Opening ceremony with a 2-0 victory over New Zealand. No surprise there 136373874_14977451939101n Confd-Cup-2017-opening-ceremony-schedule russia-new-zealand-confederations-cup-opener-live-stream Portugal and Mexico shared the spoils in a 2-2 draw. Thats Portugal. Always starting slow. But they would have felt hard done by conceding in stoppage time. portugal-2-2-mexico-highlights-1497805866-800 Chile for me are looking like favourites. Playing a nice style of football and inspired by Alexis Sanchez and Aturo Vidal Chile look menacing. cameroon-2017-chile-fifa-confederations-group-russia_14b70eae-5462-11e7-869c-505e32be9126 On Monday the Germans beat Austrailia 3-2 and Germany are Germany.You never write off the Germans. 3_fsc_170619_confed_hl_3_web_1280x720_971135043563.vresize.320.180.high.0 The biggest talking points has been the Video Calls and Referees. But we will talk about that as the tourney progresses and see what impact it has when it matters the most. Its Round 2 tomorrow and some good matches to look forward to comments