AC Milan Home Jersey 2017/18. Your thoughts?


AC Milan Home Jersey 2017/18.  Your thoughts?



  1. @swoosh0018 for sure…. Carlo was a boss… had a deadly shot. Gigi Lentini… the future hope of Italian football. Cost us a world record £13m at the time… a joy to watch. sadly injuries after his accident and he was never the same .

  2. @swoosh0018 #istanbul #wags the beautiful #MartinaColambari (Billy Costacutas wife ) Shevas wife… (teek che) Maldinis beauty… all sitting behind us… In your words… whatta thing . Massaro, Boban, Cesare Maldini and the rest of the Milan family.

  3. @swoosh0018 You know I more a Liverpool die hard than Milan… but yeah I think they both will. Milan got some big money coming in since the Chinese takeover. Talent is there but I still think Carlo Ancelotti has to come home… then we’ll see Milan rise again. On that note Gattusso has returned as a coach… God help them all in Seri A


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