Well the headline!!!!!!More on it. I was with Ameer Saap(leader) Hoosain Mayet,Pops and Mamoo and other smiling MANCS. They said the FLOODAGTES ARE OPEN. I guess so after the storm that arose in Lenz. I coudnt watch the game as my Bro Totti bought the Debonairs in Lenz.Wel launch him on the Advertising Section. I was busy delivering Pizza’s believe it or not because these ladies kept on ordering Pizzas with extra Anchovees and insisting the guy with the Juventus kit & Alice band must deliver it. What to do. But enough of Pizzas. Lets go to our analysis which i recieved from my Pundits.

I watched the highlights and had to spend the weekend listining to these freakin MANCS. You see Im not swearing in Ramadaan. But I agree the Floodgates have opened. I watched the highlights while I was having my gurse (islamic jelly). Devastating.Teves,The White Pele Rooney,The Lity Ronaldo,Anderson. Basically going out there and thumping Wigan.It hurts me but I have to call a Spade a Spade at the end of the day. I met some Mancs that were taunting me about Todays article. I am aware or have this distinctive feeling that me and my Kop boys are going to collect Punishment. But rise up boys and weather the storm as we did in Lenz

The Toppie seems to be relishing the loss of Ti Ti.And now Van Persie comes to the party. The Gunners are playing attractive soccer and getting the points. BUT WILL THEY SUSTAIN THIS RUN OF FORM.THAT IS THE QUESTION

Faaiz Oz & Co by the way were slating Rafa calling him the MASTER TACTITICIAN and Rafalution

If winning Ugly was a graphic, as Eddie Ekteen used to say in TELEFUN QUIZ.Just turn on the Telly and watch Chelsea. But they got the three points.I still say that with a GALACTICO manager they will do Big Things
And now for us. what can I say. An excited Ebie Kop End fones me to tell me that we were one up.Then 1-1.Then 2-1 down and this time Torres whom even some of the MANCS rate as class, salvages a point. Now this line Im getting used to .I spoke to my Anfield correspondant Mams,an irate Mams.Does this line sound familiar. He said that Liverpool were woeful. Herpia was to blame for the two goals and we need Daniel Agger. The team Rafa fielded weas fine. But what is happening.Just what is happening. Its the same story every year. You must know when Rashid Cassim doesnt phone something is wrong. I just hope he is cool this week. But Lads from the KOP . TALK TO ME

What is it. Is it Rafas rotation?Is Gerard not playing with liss. Speaking of Stevie G HE BUMPED a man utd lity outside a school.The lity was in hospital.Gerard then gave the lity a pair of Rooneys boots. What is the problem. Is it wrong tactics. Please lads send ur suggestions through.
Cisse where are you?

Elsewhere there were good wins for NEWCASTLE,VILLA and the Toppie Sven seems to want to prove a point in England

Van Nistelrooy keeps planting them in and so does Messi. These two okes are on awseome form and they keep their respective teams in Pole Position The rest of the LA Liga CONTENDERS can only hope these two falter or at least when they falter

What is Jose going to do. All the big Guns seem to be getting into their stride.Inter are just winning and so are Roma. Milan though could seem to be the destination for Jose.But they wrapped it up with a 5-1 victory this weekend against Lazio.Juve drew against FIORENTINA

October 7 Telkom Knockout AmaZulu 1 P Stars 0
October 6 Telkom Knockout Santos 1 SuperSport 2
October 5 Telkom Knockout Wits 1 Cosmos 2
October 4 Telkom Knockout Ajax CT 0 FS Stars 1
October 3Telkom KnockoutPirates 4 Premier 5 (Pen)

Hows Pirates.I was speaking to the manager at Debonairs Lenz.Sammy. mad Pirates Fan. The man was crying for the Ama Buca Buca

Well firstly we threw away a 1 goal lead in the 88th minute as Legrotelia handballed. Ijaquinta put Juve ahead but Mutu’s penalty leveled the scores for the Viola. Del Piero cam on as a sub and the Viola moved their defence up as they could outpace Del Piero and Trezeguet.Del is rumoured to be on his way toMilan. Ancelotti said that Del piero could be the ideal solution for the miss firing Inzaghi and Gillardinho. Nesta even wants Del.The reason ,Contract disputes again. Juve MUST keep Del Piero.Its either Del or the TINKERMAN.THE TINKERMAN must go…
Guys two things..The soccer posts are rocking and Thanks for Your Support.
We have 5 days of Ramadaan to go so easy on the sledging Lol
After Fis Kop Out had a free kick session with him We have not heard or read about him or POSH.Maybe they on Cell C contracts GO!!!
Kopout please reply with a comment describing your experience with Becks.
I am looking forward to it and so are the readers. And was POSH THER


  1. i agree with faaiz. Swoosh wrote of the gooners, and made some slick comments about the ManU defense. I think that it is pretty safe to say that your nikah will not happen with Rafa in place at Liverpool.

    How about the public apology I asked for, to the gooners and a word on the manu defense because i think your izzet is lost.

  2. Kopout the man with the football knowledge equivalent to a donkey where are you?
    Big mouth, just proved the theory right empty vessels make the most noise…
    Maybe you finally got glasses and seen them play and realised how far away you really were from reality and supporting a good football team, liverpool are kak, kopout is dom and UTD are the best


  3. Kopout if you are muslim then May Allah have mercy on you in this blessed month.
    Sadly the month is nearing it’s end and you choose to end it with such a statement.
    Statements like that are not needed amongst muslims over a game of soccer. Sadly it shows the state of our muslim ummah is in great decline…


  4. hey guys….kopout is a personal friend of mines, & though we hate each others footballing sides, i dont think kopout would have made such a derogatory comment about shakes & yusuf’s mum.

    whoever is making those statements & using someone elses name, stop it. you a big boy now , & dont need to stoop so low.


  5. Arent they called the red devils…

    devils my man same as shaytaan?
    wot kind with u shaytaan supporters?
    Iblis lovers?? la hola wa la kuwatta illa billa hil aliyil azeem

  6. I always said that there will be bo comments on racism and religeon on here. Please keep it on soccer.

    This is a sports blog for crying out loud so Im deleting the comments that are not relevant to soccer.

    Kopout has foned me and said he did not make that statement.Shakes and Yusuf the blog apologises.

    Gents lets stick to Soccer.

    And yes the roza got me

  7. Loks I agree with you,Arsenal are on fire.As a Chelsea man and one of the few on the blog…

    Do you think Chelsea needs a Galactico coach?

    And Swoosh I agree with you if these owes want to get technical about logos and red devils tell them to log on to sure they will het a hearing.

    This is Sports and lets keep it that way


  8. Swoosh i would like to request that people put names when passing comments ,to the brothers who think i have posted a comment about there mothers ,someone is using my name .i have respect and i wont stoop so low over a game to make statements like that .whoever has put my name there and used it if u have the balls to show your own name or my number is on the blog pick up the phone u prick and call me if u want to get personal .
    all u other dumb asses ,so what if my team got a draw ,big deal ,every team has there ups and downs .so 1 loss and a home draw does not make u a bad team .”GO ” thanks my man for backing me up ,i guess we hate each other just for the game ,but we dont stoop that low to make statements like that .to the shakes and yusuf before u reply maybe u need to find out if statements are made like that and who put them up .SWOOSH PLEASE CHANGE RULES WITH NAMES AND IF COMMENTS ARE MADE LIKE THAT GO SO LOW ABOUT PEOPLES MOTHERS THEN THEY CANNOT BE PUBLIHSED .


  9. KOP OUT I here you…

    I have apologised to Shakes and Yusuf and we know you a man of Integrity.

    So enough of the shIt
    2 things. What is wrong with liverpool?
    And what did Becks say?

  10. I thought the Mancs were impressive. Good to see Teves settling in rather nicely.

    Where are the Liverpool guys on the blog

    Not Hashim Amla

  11. Tarawee almost finished.

    I agree Swoosh.If these guys want to engage in conflict over kits and logos I bet the same guys probably go to teazers and the Joints. And here they getting technical about logos like they members of the Markas.

    Anyway before you ban me Swoosh.
    I just have to say Well Played Man Utd and HA HA Liverpool.

    Lets keep it on Sports
    The Quwatul Saatie
    A kurta MAN that loves Sports believe it or not

  12. T.Q.S

    What a statement.Well said my Boy.

    I cant understand how guys bicker about these issues when they probably left a six kleep at the Summit at some point in their lives.

    Swoosh is right.Cut out racism and religeon and lets Fight over Sports.

    Its the passion of the Blog.
    Or we just take it as the fast being very hard.

    Any latest developments on the Storm?

    Baai Mota

  13. Ok Ok Bai Motta We get your point.


    This Roza toward the end of the day is tough. I just got off the Juve Forum.

    Many say if DEL LEAVES Milan its the equivalent of ZAK AKALS working for STEERS.

    It will never happen.

  14. Liverpool have not played as we would have expected in he last two or three games .very dissapointing but then again the ball is round .i am with rafa on rotation policy but with limited changes .6 or 7 in for the next game can change alot of things as we have seen ,its still early days to judge but if we want the league trophy then we have to start scoring more goals and play with more attack ,finish teams off and take the three points .as for becks himself ,the guy is a icon in LA without a doubt .watched the game live even thoug he did not play but sat write above us in the box ,the LA GALAXY fans go mad for him ,every chance a mobile phone or camera flashed while the game is on ,is for becks .We personally met him on monday the 16th september where we had a full training session while becks stood and watched cause of injury .we were a group of 50 people from south africa ,korea ,russia turkey ,england and dallas .country by country we met the MAN in person .very down to earth .spoke to each and every one of us ,took freekicks with guidance from him and then had photo session with him .got a LA GALAXY top from him (TO MOHAMED ) DAVID BECKHAM ) we were not allowed to take our own cameras on to pitch and also sign indemnity forms that we will not sell or provide media with any thing personal against BECKS himself .pics that were taken will be couried to us ,which i will then email u to show the blog .other then that LA was awesome ,glits glamour and lots of badaams ,kajoor .RODEO DRIVE the place to be .just have your credit card ready !


  15. Apology accepterd, although it didn’t really bother me.

    As for Liverpool, I don’t think Rafa is the right man to take them further. He doesn’t have the tactics to mastermind a league title. He could prove me wrong though.
    As I see it Liverpool don’t have a recognisable core in the the team. That being at least 7 or 8 regulars every game.
    The only constants are Reina (no other top option there), Carragher (again not other top option there), Gerrard (again no replacement) and Finnan (no one else to play). Thats four regulars and Hyppia coz of injury to Agger otherwise they rotated. How do they form any sort of partnership in midfield? All other teams have a settled midfield pairing and central defensive pairing allowing them to build a partnership, the same with the strike force.
    Chelseas midfield hardly ever plays without Lamps, Mikel and Essien and defensively terry and carvalho if fit. The Drog is always up front.
    Liverpool just dont get things right tactically and have gone to ultra defensive again, allowing smaller teams to come at them.


  16. bash – i dont think a galactico coach but someone who has a style of play – its early days but grant seems to have them playing the same way jose did…maybe ten cate will change things a little… well see!

    Plus yesterday i read grant wants to appoint some israeli army guy as the fitness coach….lol (soon we gonna be little isreal in london – still not sure why they bought ben haim!)


  17. Well said Shakes.

    I have 2 issues with Rafa:

    1) I feel that Rafa needs to field a set of core players in each game in order to create some continuity and understanding. Rotation is good, but not to the extent he takes it.

    He should deal with injuries and fatigue as and when it happens, and not worry about the condition of players at the end of the season now already. With the way things are going now, we won’t have anything to play for.

    2) We have some prodigious talent in the form Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel. I just feel Rafa’s tactics and approach to a game are more direct, and players of the like are not allowed to express themselves. Babel will probably end up at Arsenal next season where Wenger will turn him into the next greatest thing.

    3) He should Concentrating on the way the opposing team plays their game, and start concentrating on ours. We should be able to go on the patch and stamp our authority by playing OUR game and not a game tailored to the opposition.

    Let’s hope the slump has ended.

    You’ll never walk alone!

  18. Arsenal has had a good start to the season, but personally I do not think it is going to last. (Arsenal play Bolton next in the premier league!)We have though showed a much better fighting spirit this time round

    We have the African cup of nations next year, and will lose three top players. (Toure, Adebayor and Eboue) I do not know if we have the depth of quality players to replace them, but Wenger always surprises me.

    It is nice however to be on the top (again ;-), and the “beginning of season” pressure seemed to focus on the other teams who hoped to get a good return on their huge investments. Wenger has extended his contract and for me that is Arsenal’s “best signing” so far.

  19. listen u dumb f#@ks ,”GO ” will never swear RAFA or call him a doos ,the man might be a scum supporter but he does have respect for the GAFA ,so whoever again is using other peoples names ,go get a life or get your own name .Swoosh please let people put a name when passing comments !


  20. Kopout you a doos and so is rafa, maybe you should learn from him and rotate your underwear like he does to the liverpool team coz you cant stick with the same ones

  21. MR ANONYMOUS u seem to have a big mouth and call people names but u dont have the balls to get a name or put one on .u talk about rotation and underwear ,but u more like a women that has no DOOS ,so u would be a SHE MAN ,cause that the way u behave .get a NAME & get LIFE or else swoosh ANONYMOUS new name will be given as SHE MAN .


  22. U know how stupid u must be to notice .u are so stupid that if you put your little brain that u have in a bird ,the bird will fly backwards .



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