Azaadville.What are some of the facts from Azaadville.The 4th holiest place in the world after the Big three,Mecca,Medina and Aqsa. It is said that you wear the ehram when you reach Larotong…and pick up 7 pebbles in Centurion en route to Laudium.Anyway there is always that famous debate that will linger on forever.The reasoning of What is and Whats not Haraam. SANHA and their role in this.Are SANHA just out their to make money.Is Karren Beef Halaal. It goes on. But now when you steo into Azaadville and you buying Chickens from a bloke from India for many zamanas….You would never doubt this saatie becauseof the place and his past. Now this saatie I dont know his name recently did the unthinkable.He bought Haraam Chickens and sold them as Halaal Chickens.How Long has he been doing this.The Aunties are in the Perishaans. They seen Chicken Fillets advertised everywhere and then they hear the India Uncle selling at half. They got their hands dirty..they sacrificed as Mother in laws teaching their modern daughter in laws how to fill the samoosas and pies with mince and chicken.And now after the allegations that haraam chickens were sold to them their tuppawares and freezers have to be thrown away and emptied.The Gorimas are crying.Its a kitchen Travesty. Its like the Titanic of Ramadan preparations have Sunk before it has set sail………..
The culprit nodded his head India style and admitted to the guilt. My question is simple,to ease the pain of the samoosa making and ramadaan preparing housewives WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO THIS MAN. COMMENTS PLEASE.


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