Return to the land of Lunker’s, Mteri 2006
Part 4 (continued)

Feeling rather dissappointed, we made our way back to the thickly covered point. The horny toads were substituted for 8″ watermelon black red senko grubs weighted with split shot sinkers that were dragged slowly over and below the cover. I noticed a feint twitch on my line which made me strike and land a 2.5kg bass. I made long casts into the cover and slowly fish the open pockets of water. The grub has a lovely tail that makes the bait look alive and while thinking about its action I felt my line tighten. I set the hook immediately and experienced the power of a big fish. Knowing that it would be impossible to bring a big fish over heavy cover, we went to the fish. The fish continued to tug and when we got there, we noticed it wrapped around a huge cattail about one foot under the boat. My boat partner wasted no time, threw his hand in the water and emerged with a 4kg bass. Enthusiastically he casted into an open pool of water and his rod flexed as he hooked and landed a 3kg bass. My partners attention was diverted as he noticed and open pool of water neighbouring an old tree surrounded with cover. Instinctively he flipped the enticing grub and as he fed line to make his lure sink deeper, his rod jolted from his hand. He quickly recovered and vigourously set the hook. The fish dashed towards the tree stump and stole line by the meters. Unable to stop the fish and in excitement he shouted “go there, go there”, while I battled grass and reeds with the trolling motor, he watched his line graze the tree. As we got closer, the fish turned and moved away from the tree into open water. His tight drag was no match, as the fish continued to fight harder and plough deeper. Finally the battle was over and the fish surfaced close to my waiting hands. My partner was relieved and smiled as the scale topped 4kg. A flat bellied fish that would weigh more than 5kg if spawning. And thats how we wrapped up our trip. We caught many fish and only mentioned the ones that engraved our memories. Apart from the excellent fishing, Mteri boasts an abudant gallery of untouched wildlife. We had the opportunity of seeing a falcon chase down its prey and fish eagles make off with their scrumptious catches. The fresh air and the eagle cries soothe and relax you, while the breaking of trees by baboons and grumping of hippopotamus add excitement. Spending time outdoors has more benefits that one imagine. It revitalises the body and fuels the human spirit. It has molded us into people with a passion for sport and love for nature, like the old sayings go, “work is for people who dont fish” and “everybody dies, but not everyone lives”.

Adam Ismael emailed me and said Swoosh you have to put this monster up. Thanks Adam



  1. Ahmed

    Firstly ,Are these carp Local.
    Do you perhaps know the largets carp caught in SA.

    Secondly. Is Bass Fishing more expensive. I usually just fish for Carp & Yellow’s. What are the start up costs for Bass Fishing.Aside from the rods and reels,Is it imperative that we get a boat to catch the 5kg plus Bass.

    Also how are Bass Fish in terms of eating as opposed to Carp and Kurpers etc?


  2. Slms anonymous,
    I have no idea if these carps are local as the pic’s were mailed directly to swoosh by another passionate angler or follower.
    Bass fishing is generally more expensive as most of the products are developed in the states. Bass fishing is very diverse and there are a range of baits that can be used. These are usually very expensive to buy. Bass are predators and love to hide in cosy little places that provide excellent opportunity for ambush. The reason for the boat is to have more access to water. Sometimes we travel up to 15km on the water hunting fish.
    We practice catch and release to ensure the survival and growth of the species, however, bass are very tasty and the reason being is that they do not eat off the floor. Other dam fish are muddy because they eat directly from the floor using a method of sucking up dirt and than filtering it through their gills.

  3. Wouldnt mind pulling in one of those carps, must be european coz thats huge and we dont get sizes like that here. Ahmedy when’s the next fishing trip and you guys still go winter time?

  4. Salaams Faaiz,

    Insha Allah, Our nex trip is planned for the 26th of July 2007 to 1st of August 2007. We are going to Mteri, Zimbabwe. We hope to locate a couple of monster bass. This year we are a crew of 8 people.


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